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Hearing Conservation Program
Mobile Audiometric Testing

Noise-induced hearing loss is a painless, gradual deterioration of one’s ability to hear. Occupational hearing conservation programs are required by the U.S. Department of Labor, OSHA and IMSA to prevent noise-induced hearing loss at work.

Since 1972, the Center for Hearing & Speech has provided area industries with hearing conservation programs. With 37 years of experience and state-of-the-art technology, we provide the highest quality mobile audiometric testing to more than 25,000 employees annually.

Our Hearing Conservation Program Includes:

  • On-site testing conducted by CAOHC-certified Audiometric Technicians
  • Professional interpretation of each individual audiogram by a certified and licensed Clinical/Industrial Audiologist
  • Ongoing support and counseling by a Clinical/Industrial Audiologist
  • Test instructions in over 20 languages
  • Mobile units testing up to 6 employees simultaneously in 15-minute cycles
  • Immediate test results optional
  • Continuous calibration during testing
  • Electronic Management Report that includes:
       - Audiology terminology
       - Hearing loss summary
       - Standard threshold shift summary
  • Employee notification letters
  • Post-testing management conference to review results
  • Electronic copy of employee records
  • Employee hearing conservation training
  • Extensive clinical facilities for follow-up diagnostic evaluation

The Center’s Hearing Conservation Program serves the Midwestern United States, primarily within Missouri and its surrounding states. Service fees are based on the numbers of employees tested, number of shifts, location, and specific services rendered. We schedule services to be performed on the dates and times most convenient for you.

We also help companies who have in-house hearing conservation testing programs. We will provide a report that lists employees with OSHA STS and other hearing trends. The report will also include:
Analysis of hearing test data
Review of results by licensed audiologist
Employee notification letters
Record keeping functions
Storage of historical data
Web-based access programs

Please feel free to call Judy Boles, Industrial Services Director, at 314.968.4710 about bids specific to your needs.